Member, Emerging Leaders Council - - Assisting and inspiring homeless youth to build self sufficient lives.

The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) of My Friend’s Place is a passionate group of young professionals and community members dedicated to advancing the mission of My Friend’s Place to assist and inspire homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives. The ELC supports My Friend’s Place through unique volunteer opportunities, fundraising and exciting social events, while playing a vital role in furthering the conversation about ending youth homelessness.

Transformative Education Workshop Instructor: Sewing and Fashion Design - 

Every Wednesday and Friday I teach a workshop at My Friends Place, teaching the youth basic to intermediate machine sewing and pattern-making skills.

Mondays are more beginner-level, and Fridays are more advanced, giving all students two weekly opportunities for hands-on attention. (All are welcome to both.)

MFP has recently launched a gallery called "The Corner Collective" where the youth can sell their creations, earning 80% of the sales for themselves, and contributing 20% back into materials that are harder to collect in donations. The response from the public and from the youth has been incredible.

Below are some examples of projects the kids have made: