India Love Westbrooks, TV personality/Model/Musician - Promo, Dec 2017 - Photos by Emrey Ozcan, Hair by Yuichi Ishido, Makeup by Elaine Thompson

Timothy Dance, actor - Portfolio Update : Fitness and Personal Styling, Nov 2017 - Photos by Derrick Bracks, Grooming by Elena Bracks

Trendy Butler Late Summer/Early Fall Campaign, June 2017 - Photos by Justin Nunez - Model: Gino Giovanni Vigil

Models (L-R):  Amanda Cardona, Arame Fall, Charly Kolo, Deidrian Bowen, James Holmes, Jani Jakko, Lyena Kang, Maddison Dexter, Marisel Gabourel, Mikaya Gottlieb, Natalie Horton, Nicholas "Brother" Villareal, Steve Hong, Tim Christian

Casting: @theconcretechic - Styling: @theconcretechic & @rigelgemini - Hair Direction: @bethforever - Makeup: @lainey.thompson & @britt.kaye

Exotic creature: @thereptilezoofv @jayprehistoricpets - Hair Assistants: @travistakara_ @marcos.haro - Shoot space: @mediaplaypr @theparkcreative

Model test w/ Allie Leggett at Vision Models - January 2017 ; Photography: Chris Cruz - Styling: Landra Lee Dulin - Hair: Yuichi Ishida- Makeup: Elaine Thompson

Photography: TJ Manou - Model: Francis Florence Tomei - Styling: Landra Lee Dulin - Hair: Gui Schoedler- Makeup: by Yasmin Morshedian

Photography: TJ Manou - Model: Alexandria Yamazaki - Styling: Landra Lee Dulin - Makeup: by Yasmin Morshedian - Hair: Erin McKay

Lil' Debbie x We Are Famous "Debbie Cakes" 360 video promo - Stylist, all 4 girls, July 2016

CAKES ft. Lil Debbie - a 360 experience by We Are Famous  / Directed by Al Benoit

Starring: Lil Debbie (@debbiecakes420), Stevie Ryan (@stevieryan), Aliky Williams (@aliikyw), and Jami Vorkink (@ceramicprincess) 

Styling by me - Landra Lee Dulin / Featured Brands: @_knorts, @samsara_collections, @brashydotnet, @stritadtla, @latokyo

Hair by Timothy Ro (@timothyro) and  Allie Ellis (@hairfashionstory)

Make up by Elaine Thompson (@lainey_thompson)

Welcome to NVRLND, where you're either flying or falling... 451 Media Group is proud to present the original music video accompaniment to the launch of Dylan Mulick and Stephanie Salyers' exciting new graphic novel, NVRLND. NVRLND is an edgy reimagining of the Peter Pan myth set in modern Hollywood.

Story: Stephanie Salyers & Dylan Mulick / Production: 451 & We Are Famous
Hair & Makeup: Seth Asbell & Zoie Roman
Styling: Gioconda Sirolli & Landra Dulin

LuxeLab Hair Salon Promo Shoot, May 2015 - Photos by Jono, Hair by Eric Garza and Timothy Robishaw, Makeup by Jenny Cunningham and Chrissy & Lisa Zogalis

LA FASHION WEEK FW16 Designer Preview Promotional Editorial, March 2016 : Photos by Ben Cope, Makeup by Mynxii White

Photographer: Ben Cope

Model: Kendall Walters of Freedom Models LA

Styling: Landra Lee Dulin  

Designers: Dena Burton - Toit Volant - Sav Noir - Phlemuns - Cosmogyral - Underlash Activewear

Make-up: Mynxii White assisted by Brittany Long

Hair: Ashfin Ammadi

Princess Leia vs Darth Vader Hair: Star Wars Style-Off, Dec 2015 :

Video: Camera/Director/Editing all by Hannah Rosselin
Hair: Eric Daniel Garza
Model: Maddison Dexter
Makeup: Timmothy Ro
Nail Tech: Jenny Devine
Creative Director: Phillip Manz
Styling: Landra Dulin
Jewelry: Marianna Harutunian
Gowns: Morgane Le Fay, Reformation