Toit Volant SS18 Lookbook, August 2017 - Photos and layout by Arneau Nabos - Model: Lisa Randall at Two Model Management - Makeup by Elaine Thompson

Filmed & Directed by Hannah Rosselin

Produced by Landra Lee Dulin

Edited by Jonnet Théodine

Music by Doll Kraut

Clothing - Hardeman by Sophie Hardeman

Shoes - Hardeman x Peterson Stoop

Styled by Sophie Hardeman and Kelsey Guba

Makeup by Elaine Thompson & Mona Kamal 

Hair by Isadora McKenna & Mario Alvizo

Starring: Christiana Martocci (as Esperanza), Sylvia Anne Kochinski, Julien Crane, Anika Perkins, Lie Mafouta, Lisa Marmorino, and Ally Zarco

Special Thanks to Eric Torppe and Carol Chavana of Rag Doll Pink Palace

Opening reel for Candice Cuoco and Vanessa Simmons' "Bad Butterfly" runway show - Produced by me, shot and edited by Reza Bahrami assisted by Alireza Soroush

Directed/filmed/edited by Hannah Rosselin 

Produced by Landra Dulin

Starring Courtney McCullough, Regina Lo, and Sarah Van deCamp

Makeup by Britt Kaye

Hair by Mario - Zoraida Saray

Young Bride - La Fiancee du Facteur Jewelry Campaign/Fashion Film, Dec 2016

Jewelry - @lafianceedufacteur 

Directed/filmed/edited by Hannah Rosselin - @hannahrosselin

Produced by Landra Dulin @theconcretechic

Models: Belgica Vargas - @belvargas, Carli Glubok - @carliglubok, and Gracie Bradley - @saintgracie

Makeup by Brittany Long -  @britt.kaye

Hair by Mario - @marzvzo

Styling by Belgica Vargas - @belvargas

BTS Photos by Alex Cole - @alex_c013

Larissa Loden Jewelry; Campaign, Lookbook & Linesheet, November 2016 - ;

Some of the printed materials being distributed to the trade.

Some of the printed materials being distributed to the trade.

Palms Magazine, Jan 2017;  Film Photos by me - Styled by Kim Krempien & Marissa Motley - Model: Eddie Eubanks

Blond & Bieber Studios photoshoot - presented by Goethe Institut, Sept. 2016

Photos by Enrique Bautista; Produced by Landra Dulin

Model: Coura Fall

Beauty: Britt Kaye Long

Special Thanks to The W Los Angeles & Goethe Institut of Los Angeles

Lloyd Galbraith - Experimental Color Gel Portrait Series, ongoing

Photos by Lloyd Galbraith, Casting by me, makeup by Lloyd Galbraith and I 

Models (top to bottom): Rebecca Faith Lawson, Arame Fall, Gaspar Jorge, Gracie Bradley, Ema Winkelman, Kenan Eames-Saldivar, Jeannette Mojica, Sklyar Tropp, Talon