Photo by Chad Alan

Photo by Chad Alan

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Hi! My name is Landra Lee. 

I live in Hollywood, working as a fashion consultant, content producer, casting director and fashion stylist. I also write for Schön! Magazine, a bi-annual London-based fashion publication. Twice a week, I teach a sewing workshop to homeless youth at an amazing local non-profit organization: Please check them out!

My career in fashion began in 1998, specializing in pre-production sampling - headwear, custom cut and sew, and embellishments - domestic and import. By 2003, I had become fully immersed in the Action Sports Industry during the skateboarding boom before ASR gave way to Agenda. In 2005 I began assisting fashion and beauty photographer Ron Goldstein. After his departure from Los Angeles, I became the Showroom Manager for a luxury accessory brand, welcoming VIP's and assisting with stylist pulls. 

2009 found me back in my hometown of Seattle, where I earned my degree from the most technical apparel program in the Pacific Northwest. Since returning to LA in 2013, I've been putting my wealth of experience into action at every opportunity.

"Landra Dulin is the ultimate connector. Her diverse background and ability to pair artistic talents are second only to her knack for creating genuine bonds with those in her extensive network. The lucky group that works with her is guaranteed a dedicated supporter and loyal cheerleader, bringing to their doorstep opportunities, ideas, and a plentitude of laughter." - Kim Krempien

If you don't have a sense of humor, you're doing it wrong. I love my life!

To get a better glimpse of who I am, follow me on instagram - @theconcretechic