Photo by Chad Alan

Photo by Chad Alan

Dreamer. Creator. Connector.  - - 562.208.2414

Landra Lee Dulin is a multi-disciplined creative - she keeps a firm foothold within the LA fashion industry, with a network extending to New York and worldwide.

Acknowledged for her breadth of experience and impeccable eye, Landra is a published fashion stylist, writer and photographer. As an accomplished fashion show producer and casting director, she has worked with some of the most innovative and esteemed fashion designers around the globe.

Twice a week, she teaches a sewing workshop to homeless Hollywood youth at a non-profit called My Friend’s Place: Check them out!

Landra lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two dogs, Drexl and Gizmo. Other than fashion, she loves coffee, art, old school hip hop/R&B, her dad, being in nature, and synchronized things.

To get to know her, follow her on instagram - @theconcretechic

"Landra Dulin is the ultimate connector. Her diverse background and ability to pair artistic talents are second only to her knack for creating genuine bonds with those in her extensive network. The lucky group that works with her is guaranteed a dedicated supporter and loyal cheerleader, bringing to their doorstep opportunities, ideas, and a plentitude of laughter."

                                    - Kim Krempien; former Fashion Director of LA Fashion Week